Cleaner Technologies

Technology will play an important role in moving toward sustainable development. Clearly, there is a high level of interest in ensuring that new technologies are developed to meet society’s needs in an environmentally sound way and that they are introduced in ways that accomplish effective results. Thus the AGS is committed to going beyond the development of new technologies to understanding the barriers and contraints to their adoption. The AGS is working across a number of fronts to ensure the introduction of environmentally sound technologies for sustainable development.

AGS research focusing on cleaner technologies includes:

  • – Bringing Forth Sustainable Practices: An Institutional and Strategic Investigation
  • – Decision Support for Planning Eco-Effective Product Systems
  • – Framework for Holistic Life-Cycle Design
  • – Platinum Group Elements from Automobilie Emissions to Global Distribution
  • – Sustainable Buildings
  • – Tools for Integrated Decision Making in the Chemical Industry