The Anti-Aging Miracle in Mice through NAD

Human health depends on how well the body makes and utilizes energy. However, our cells’ ability to create energy reduces with the progression of age. The entire aging process has been and is still going through research. Scientists are conducting animal research and studying cell culture eagerly to find a way of slowing down aging. With the increase of age, the body is unable to produce an important component of energy production known as NAD. The recent work done by professors of medicine has indicated that NAD levels reduce in various tissues with the increase of age. 

Clinical trials

The Washington University School of Medicine has made it clear that giving NMN supplements to healthy mice can act as a compensation for the absence of energy production. The natural compound of NMN eliminates usual signs of aging such as low insulin sensitivity, weight gain and inability to exercise. 

NMN can be safely given to mice. It is also abundant in many foods such as avocado, broccoli and cabbage. A new research has revealed that after dissolving NMN in water and giving it to mice, it shows up in the bloodstream within 3 minutes. Moreover, the research also showcased that NMN is quickly turned into NAD. In order to observe the NMN supplement review, researchers from Keio University School of Medicine studied 3 groups of male mice. One group of 5 months old mice was given a high dosage of NMN supplements dissolved in water, whereas the second group was given a lower dosage. As for the third group, it was given no NMN to serve as a control. The physiology of these groups was examined until they were 17 months old. 

Results of trials

Many health benefits were reported from the NMN administration such as enhancement of immunity, skeletal muscles, body weight, liver function, physical stamina, bone density, insulin sensitivity, and eye function. However, these advantages were observed in elderly mice. 

NMN supplementation aids energy metabolism by boosting the performance of mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of cells. The researchers also observed that mice taking NMN did not gain much age-related weight even as their diet increased. This is because the increased metabolism produces more energy for physical exercise. With NMN, the retina function and tear production was steadily improved as well. The insulin sensitivity in elderly mice was better after receiving NMN.