The Role of NAD+ in the ATP levels of the Body

ATP the Molecular Unit of Currency

ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate which is a chemical compound. Not only is it found in every single cell of the human body, but in all cells of all organisms.

It derives its importance from the fact that it is the chemical which stores energy and can, in a controlled manner, release this energy through a chemical reaction called hydrolysis. So naturally it is essential for all intracellular lifeforms to have it to be able to perform activities like muscle contraction, chemical synthesis etc. This should clarify that ATP itself is not energy, which it is commonly mistaken for, but an agent for it.

Once again, ATP is also one of the important biological chemicals that wane in numbers in the human body after a certain age, which may vary from person to person. This fall in ATP impedes the corporeal function and increases risk of death.

How to Get Around the Ineffectual ATP Supplements

Now that we’ve learnt how the immense significance of adenosine triphosphate in organisms, what steps can we take to preserve its levels in our body?

Recent studies show how direct supplementation of ATP was unable to impact the ATP levels in the body when ATP IV drips were administered.

But fret not, luckily there is a way to sustain and raise the organic Molecular Unit of Currency. How? NAD+ supplements. That’s right, the same study shows that the increase in the levels of NAD+ in the body managed to raise the ATP levels by four times as much as before!

For reference, rummage through here to obtain depth of understanding of this phenomenon:

This is Where We Step In

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This product has, once again, been specialized to be able to pass the Blood-Brain Barrier without hindrance. This will more readily and effectively help with NAD+ levels in the body hence amplify ATP production in cells.

Furthermore, this increment in NAD+ in the body can optimize energy production and metabolic processes of the body and, in doing so, decrease dietary needs as well.