Annual Meetings

Each year, the AGS Annual Meeting brings together approximately 300 scholars, thought leaders and decision-makers of public interest groups, industry, and government from around the world to examine how the integrated research paradigm developed by the AGS is contributing to sustainable development.

Through panels and working groups, participants consider ways in which the AGS can evolve effective means to address complex global sustainability issues. The meeting provides opportunities for knowledge sharing among the member schools and their partners in sustainability research and education. It also provides an opportunity to foster AGS research partnerships and showcase research results.

An underlying goal of the annual meetings is to determine how the academy, and AGS in particular, can help to improve the basis for decision-making. When dealing with the urgent issues of sustainability, the importance of making new knowledge available quickly and in a language that is easily understood by decision-makers in both the public and private sectors cannot be overestimated.

The annual meeting is hosted each year by one of the member schools on a rotating basis.