From New York to San Diego college students, the AGS believes that a sense of social responsibility for the future of the planet and environmental awareness should be a part of the education of every student pursuing graduate degrees nationwide. The AGS is producing graduates committed to sustainability and who understand the tools available to them to achieve such goals, no matter where they work. Working on AGS projects introduces some of the world’s brightest students to the multi-disciplinary collaborative style of problem-solving essential to balancing environmental, social, and economic needs. Exams Key recommends latest Certification preparation material for all IT Certifications. Our high quality CompTIA A+ Certification Preparation questions & answers help you to prepare well for the final exam.

The AGS is well positioned to assume a leadership role in higher education for sustainability:

    • – AGS offers a robust link between world-class scientific and technological research on challenges to global sustainability and education


    • – AGS has an international outlook with partner universities in four countries and links with many more, including developing countries


    • – Unlike many NGOs, the AGS offers objectivity and impartiality, free of a preconceived agenda


    • – Most importantly, by being university based, the AGS connects with the next generation who will be called upon to address the challenges of sustainability during this century. Preparing the students of today to capably and successfully lead society in an increasingly sustainable relationship with the environment is a defining component of the AGS mission.
      The AGS has developed a set of initiatives to promote sustainability education at the university level.