Energy and Climate Change

Energy production and consumption lie at the very heart of economic development. While ensuring that energy demand by the world’s burgeoning population is met, all countries of the world today are concerned with achiving the “3 e’s”: environmental protection, energy security, and economic development. The AGS energy portfolio aims to shed light on sustainable ways to meet the goals of the “3-e’s”.

AGS research projects on energy and climate change include:


  • – Energy Efficient and Low Pollution
  • – Technology-Energy-Environment-Health (TEEH) Chain
  • – SESAMS
  • – Indicator Project
  • – Biomass and Waste as Renewable Fuels for Process and Transportation
  • – Mobility and Pollution Control
  • – Spectroscopic Approach towards Local and Global Management
  • – Regional Climate and Air Quality
  • – Climate Change Modeling
  • – Origin and Potential Control of Air Pollution in the Kathmandu Valley
  • – China Energy Technology Program (CETP)