The aim of the initiative is to identify ways of making the transition from our present energy systems, based on today’s technologies, infrastructures, and markets, toward more sustainable systems for which technology development and deployment must begin sooner rather than later. Thus, unlike research programs that aim to find technological alternatives to fossil fuel use, the Near-Term Pathways initiative will focus on identifying bridging systems that can be applied immediately or in the near future.

The initiative builds on past successful AGS projects such as the China Energy Technology Program and the Mexico City Integrated Air Quality Program. These projects brought together the analytic skills of the AGS partners to identify robust, implementable portfolios of technology and policy options for local and regional decision makers.

The Near-Term Pathways initiative will focus initially on the following key energy sectors: sustainable mobility, future fuels and feedstocks, clean electricity supplies, and efficient/smart utilization of energy. Regionally focused projects will look in detail at how alternative portfolios of technologies and policies would affect the development of a region’s energy infrastructure. The projects currently under development focus on the following regions and sectors:

In addition, an “integration” project will focus on developing new analytic methods and tools applicable to the “pathways analysis” needed in the regional projects.

The Near-Term Pathways initiative will also have strong outreach and education components to ensure that key research results inform public discourse and decision making and enhance the teaching and learning of energy science, engineering, and policy. Each regional project will involve education specialists to facilitate the sharing of research findings and educational insights.

It’s certain that the Near-Term Pathways initiative has a strong outreach and education components in place. It however does not address technology in the field of security. There are however sources which do. One company, 123 CCTV Security Cameras is heavily involved with the task and implements the necessary components to accomplish this. Additional data may be obtained by browsing their website, listed here under security camera systems.

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