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Getting Rid of Dry, Scaly Legs

smooth legs - no dry skin here!Arms, thighs, flanks and lower legs are the areas where dry skin problems are very common. Many people suffer from the problem of dry skin in leg areas alone. There is no need to avoid shorts out in public because of dry skin on legs anymore. There are effective ways to tackle dry skin problems in leg areas. While some people recommend natural skin care moisturizers to keep the skin safe from dryness, many others advocate healthy eating habits.

All such techniques can help to a certain extent. Healthy eating habits can certainly improve the way your skin grows and handles external conditions including dryness.

What are the main causes of dry skin in leg area?

There are a multitude of factors that cause dry skin in various body parts. In most cases, these factors mirror a person’s impoverished health habits. Care should be taken to discipline one’s own life in order to avoid such problems.

Poor hygiene – Poor hygiene can easily result in dry skin problems.
Chain smoking or regular consumption of alcohol – Regular consumption of tobacco or alcohol may aggravate dry skin problems in various body parts.
Lacks of defense against extreme sunlight – Several people ignore the treatment their skin receives from extreme sunlight and powerful winds. These can also lead to dry skin in legs, arms and thighs.

Medical conditions – Poor health may also trigger dry skin problems in some cases. Diseases such as dermatitis, allergies and eczema are known to trigger.
Your brain may order a “scratching” operation due to any of the above mentioned causes. It is important to look for an effective remedy instead of scratching the dry skin in leg areas or anywhere else. Excessive scratching will only result in more irritation and flaking and peeling. More horrible symptoms including rashes, cracking and fissures begin to appear when dry skin problems are neglected.

Get Rid of Dry Skin on Legs

To get rid of dry skin on legs you’ll have to follow these skin care tips:

Wash your legs with great care

Have you tried to wash your hands, arms and legs rigorously in order to get rid of germs? It is okay to try a little harder in order to get rid of dirt, dust and germs. However, you should be very careful of the soap you are using in such cases. Here are the most useful tips on washing the dry skin on legs:

Your skin depends upon certain natural oils to maintain its glow, health and life. Harmful chemicals in some soap can knock out germs as well as useful natural oils from your skin. Stick to beauty soaps as long as possible. Germicidal soaps should be used only when there is no other option.

Say “no” to all sorts of abrasive scrubs. Some people use these scrubs in order to put an immediate end to dry skin on legs. This practice can lead to an aggravated stage of skin dryness in leg areas. Remember to pat the skin on your legs softly with a clean cloth and soapy water.

Avoid excessively steamy baths if possible. The protective layer of your skin on legs is destroyed when exposed to excessive steamy baths. Get rid of the dirt with a lukewarm shower but do not damage the natural moisturizing component of your skin on legs.

Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells on Your Legs

Never try to snip off dead skin on your legs by using clippers and other equipment. Make use of an exfoliating agent to get rid of dead skin cells on your legs. If your legs are exposed to others, you should be more careful when using exfoliates. The dry skin on legs begins to replenish and moisturize very quickly as a result of successful exfoliation.

New skin cells are blocked and irritated by the buildup of old and dead skin cells. The process has to be as gentle as possible. Always use soft scrubs and gentle products for this process. Professionally carried out exfoliation can give superior results in such cases. However, it can cost a lot more than over the counter cosmetic products and home remedies.

Be careful when you shave dry skin areas on legs

Areas that you shave on a regular basis are more prone to dry skin problems. Make sure your razor blades are changed on a regular basis. Infection and even dullness in a blade’s sharpness can result in irritation, burning sensation and blotchiness. Always good quality moisturizers after you shave dry skin areas on legs.

Prepare yourself to avoid damages due to an unfavorable weather

It is always a good idea to make some arrangements to protect the skin on legs from intense sunlight. Either you should carry an umbrella or use a good moisturizing cream. Carrying an umbrella is the wisest thing to do when you go out in sorts and the weather is a bit unfavorable. A sunscreen with an SPF of about fifteen or above can save your skin from harmful sun rays for a long period of time.

Eat well and quit smoking

Getting rid of dry skin on legs by using some inside-out techniques is always a good idea. Eating foods with sufficient omega 3 fats is one of a few techniques to work on dry skin problems from inside out. Fish oil and krill are known to have a high percentage of omega 3 fats. Quit smoking and reduce your alcohol intake. Supplements, omega 3 fats and a healthy diet can help only when you are ready to say “no” to nicotine and alcohol.

Do not ignore dry skin problems and get in touch with an expert if needed

Get in touch with a cosmetologist or dermatologist if you don’t get desired results with above mentioned tips. Neglecting dry skin on legs or anywhere else can lead to premature aging. Dry skin on legs can also lead to breakouts because this condition leads to higher output of oil when dry skin makes an effort to get moisturized.