Intensive Program on Sustainability

“Intensive Program on Sustainability – IPoS”, a challenge under the AGS to develop an Asian regional educational program on sustainability, started in 2004 through the collaboration between The University of Tokyo (UT) and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). Sustainability is a key concept for the 21st century leading to development of an environment-friendly society. Understanding of this concept is especially important for rapidly expanding Asian economies. IPoS provides an opportunity for students (especially from Asian nations) to obtain a deeper appreciation for sustainable development in the Asian region. In this program, participants lodge together for about two weeks, study through experience-based learning that includes workshops, field visits, and lectures, and cultivate friendship across different nationalities and academic backgrounds.

A unique aspect of this program is its focus on Asia as the key region in achieving global sustainability. On the one hand, solutions to Asia’s regional problems are an essential requisite for global sustainability. On the other hand, Asian traditions and perspectives should be introduced to other parts of the world and contribute to global sustainability more widely. IPoS is a challenge to develop an educational program that enables such goals.

Food and Energy, 1-12 August, 2006
Chonburi, Thailand

Food and Energy, 28 June – 9 July, 2005
Chonburi, Thailand

Food Security, 6-15 August, 2004
Chonburi, Thailand