The AGS is leading to the emergence of a global community of scientists and engineers focused on sustainable development. In addition to offering networking opportunities for people who might not necessarily meet to work together, the AGS acts as a facilitator for researchers facing language, culture, scientific vocabulary, and cross discipline challenges. Virtually every major research initiative has led to the creation of an international network of scholars and practitioners.

To aid in developing these research partnerships, one research team developed a research partnership simulation designed to introduce strategies for building effective knowledge partnerships. The game is available for download and would be valuable for any research partnership to play at the point of getting organized.

In addition to researcher/stakeholder networks, the AGS has also influenced a growing number of networks among young leaders in sustainability:

Student alumni of Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES) self-organized into the World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSC-SD).

The MIT-based “Think Cycle” program is a student-driven initiative that provides a global network of young engineers and scientists who are committed to applying their skills to solving problems of development in poor countries of the world.