The AGS is committed to providing research results of relevance for decision makers in industry and government and for stakeholders throughout the world. To achieve this goal the AGS focuses on research that improves decision making in science and technology intensive issues and works in partnership with universities and governments in China, Mexico City, and other countries around the world.

Central to the aim of advancing research on sustainable development are successful research partnerships. The AGS is working hard to promote successful and mutually beneficial research partnerships between academia and industry. These partnerships provide a rare opportunity for academics and industry representatives to jointly develop new approaches to overcome the barriers to Sustainable Devlopment in specific areas.

One tool to help facilitate this stakeholder dialogue is the Partnership Simulation, developed by  Professor and the team especially for the AGS. The exercise is aimed at building capacity for starting and implementing an effective research partnership for sustainable development across academia/industry/civil society.

AGS research has been presented in several hundred articles published in peer-reviewed journals and public magazines. The research also appears in more than a dozen books aimed at both students and decision makers. The AGS book series, ‘Science and Technology: Tools for Sustainable Development’ (Springer) has published nine volumes with more in the pipeline. Nearly 100 Masters and PhD theses have also been completed with AGS support, and several hundred AGS-related presentations have been made at conferences around the world.

The AGS also ensures this knowledge sharing through its Annual and Technical Meetings which offer researchers and invited guests from industry, government, and civil society the opportunity to meet to discuss ongoing research or to explore opportunities for new collaboration.