AGS Mission Statement

To affect a paradigm shift in structures and policies and provide a solid foundation for sustainable development through the application of world class research and education in science and technology and the social sciences. In order to advance this aim, we have identified three goals:
  • - Develop cutting-edge knowledge and innovative tools, then convert into action plans
  • - Inform decision-making in public and private sectors
  • - Prepare a new generation of leaders in all sectors who are focused, competent and decisive in efforts to meet significant challenges of sustainability

  • - Create multi-disciplinary, international research teams that transcend traditional intellectual and geographic boundaries
  • - Focus on problem definition and solution identification
  • - Partner with "agents of change" in industry, government, and civil society to carry out research and implement practical, effective solutions
  • - Engage tomorrow's leaders through research and education initiatives
  • - Facilitate learning for knowledge sharing and influence
  • - Expand visibility: through forums, knowledge networks, broad dissemination of results

  • - A suite of tools to meet the global challenges of water, energy, mobility, and managing the rise of the world's mega-cities
  • - Research and education partners around the world
  • - Commitment of the Presidents and senior at four of the world's leading research institutions to a paradigm shift in research and applications
  • - New international student movement and educational program launched in 2000
  • - International book series launched in 2001


Opportunity to:
  • - Influence the research portfolio and education at leading institutions
  • - Join with other visionary leaders in academia, industry, and government in order to affect systemic change in industry, in government policies, in academia, and in civil society
  • - Increase the influence of AGS and potential for success through strengthening the Board
  • - Interact with world-class scholars and thought-leaders on critical and emerging issues