AGS Research Portfolio
The issues around global sustainability - energy efficiency, clean and adequate water, fresh air, and sufficient food for an expanding population - are among the most challenging problems on earth today. With strengths in science, technology, and the social sciences, the AGS partner universities together commit substantial academic and research resources to meet these challenges through three goals:

  • Improving scientific understanding of global environmental challenges
  • Development of technology and policy tools to help societies reconcile ecological and economic concerns
  • Education of a new generation of leaders committed to meet the challenges of sustainable development

Since it's inception, the AGS has supported more than 75 research projects at the partner institutes.

Flagship Programs
Today, to better leverage the research, educational and outreach capabilities of the AGS member universities, the AGS has initiated a series of AGS Flagship Programs, through which greater synergy for the AGS would be achieved. The focus of the initial Flagship is energy. The “Near-Term Pathways to a Sustainable Energy Future” program is focusing on the need to identify–and communicate to decision makers–robust “transitional systems” or energy pathways that bridge today’s energy technologies, infrastructures, and markets, to future “sustainable” systems. A second Flagship program on food and water, “Secure Ecosystem Services for a Nourished World”, has also recently been launched. The program will identify development paths for social and technical systems, which aim for a nourished world in balance with the provisioning ecosystem.

It is the mission of the AGS to support policy-ready research that contributes to changing patterns of behavior and to improving policy and decision making for sustainable development.