Capacity Building for Industry and Business and Value of Knowledge
Principal Investigators
MIT: N.Choucri, J.Kauffman
ETH: R.Baud
UT: T.Tomiyama

The 1999 AGS Mapping Project in its extensive review of the organization found that while much useful information originates from AGS research, a significant gap exists between the scientists with their results and industry members who can actually use them. This project aims to make the knowledge acquired as a result of AGS available to industry for implementation.

The purpose of the project is to (1) explore and define the best ways of representing, exchanging and applying the knowledge generated by AGS partners and industrial collaborators to business and industry applications ‘on the ground’, (2) extend this knowledge about best ways of representation to regional business and scientific networks, and on this joint basis, (3) formulate and execute a pilot strategy of knowledge-sharing in applied contexts, (4) and reduce the gap between the knowledge generated by the AGS researchers, on the one hand, and industry capacity in the sustainability domain on the other.

  • Updated the AGS mapping project (I, II, III)
  • The initiation of theses and case studies to provide the theoretical grounding for the system developed and recommendation that will emanate from the project (8-10 case studies):
    • Comparative carpet cases
    • GMO’s
    • Car-sharing
    • Computer-based model
    • Knowledge networks for sustainable development
    • Trends in decentralization of R&D
    • Evaluation of methods used to support the claim that: Companies that do better environmentally also do better financially
    • White paper on framework for capacity building know knowledge sharing between industry and academia
  • Progress in development of the GSSD portal and interest expressed in developing into interactive modalities by several industries
  • Development of the methodology and metrics for improving understanding of the relationship between value and sustainability
  • The web-based “Handbook of Sustainable Development”, which will be available through the GSSD portal in several languages
  • The Technical Manual for GSSD and its interfaces with AGS

  • To explore and define best ways of representing, exchanging, and applying the knowledge generated by AGS partners and industrial collaborators to business and industry application on the ground
  • Extend application of the framework to regional business and scientific networks
  • Formulate, execute and receive feedback on a pilot strategy of knowledge sharing in applied contexts.